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Alternative religions of the world duke it out
16th-Nov-2005 04:45 pm
Polar Bear
Echo! Echo! Hmm... wasn't Echo a video game way back in the day? Oh yeah. It was. A dolphin. I remember now. I never played that game. I just remember it. Speaking of video games, did you all know there's a Futurama video game? They make video games about everything, don't they?

Okay. I'm just really bored at the moment. Well, not bored in the sense I have nothing to do. I have lots to do. I have a big essay due tomorrow. It's worth a lot of points. I'm just putting off finishing it... that, and I keep getting side-tracked. Could it be that I have ADD? Eh. If I do, I do. Hmm... 11 minutes until supper time.

Oh yeah- back to my original point. Is anyone here? Is there life in (New) Alternaland?

24th-Nov-2005 03:05 pm (UTC)
I'm here but probably won't be posting much at least not for another two or three weeks... work keeps me busy...

Derick aka mestre
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