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Alternative religions of the world duke it out
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20th-Feb-2006 07:02 am - Micronation
Polar Bear
I just posted this entry in my Livejournal, in which I talk about micronations. As I'm finished writing it, I realized- Alternaland is (or was) basically a micronation. We have a pseudo form of government... and... uhh... well, I'm sure there's other stuff... oh! Every member of Alternaland understands the value of being a citizen- understands that ey are apart of the nation. I'm sure that's gotta count for something (even though I don't know what I just typed). Anyway, I'm off to go to school. If anyone has any thoughts about Alternaland as a micronation, that'd be great (since this community really seems dead).
1st-Jan-2006 12:08 am - First post of the new year
Polar Bear
No point. Just wanted to gloat. Hahaha. First post of 2006 in the new (but still dead) Alternaland.
12th-Dec-2005 07:20 pm - Holidays
Polar Bear
What winter holidays does everyone celebrate here? If you don't celebrate a "mainstream" holiday, do you care if people refer to specific holidays (ie, Merry Christmas, Christmas tree, etc.)?

There's been a lot of talk in the news about "holiday" verse "Christmas" in terms of what to call things. It seems like sucha trivial thing, but many individuals are making a big deal out of it. The politically correct thing, to be inclusive to all religions and holidays, is to say "Happy Holidays" and call a decorated tree a "holiday tree." Many Christians now feel that their rights are being taken away and that Christmas (and its meaning) is being diminished.

Now... let's hear some debate.
28th-Nov-2005 09:39 am - Why Alternaland?
Polar Bear
Have you ever thought about why you spent time at Bolt- especially visiting the alternative religions board?

Even though I have a bad memory, I can take a guess that I went there becuase I could learn. There were people there of almost every faith. Of course, now, Bolt has basically segregated the religions to many individualized boards. There's a board for Wicca, Satanism, Buddhism, uhh... they have one for most major/popular religions. I think that's one reason that the current alternative religions board is very empty (that, and the oldbies who made it great have all "grown up" and moved on to other things in their lives).
24th-Nov-2005 10:15 am - the survey thing...
I figured since the other post is kinda down there i'd make a new one so everyone could figure out who I am if you still even remember me...

Bolt Screenname(s): mestre
Preferred name(s): Derick, D, hey you...
Approximate location: Washington DC area
Age: 23
Married/Single/Other: in a serious relationship almost 2.5 years strong
Occupation/Field: Just recently got a job as a fire fighter but if I don't find my EMT card I'm screwed :(
Religion/theology: I believe in a higher power of some sort...
Favorite tv show(s): who's line is it anyway?
Favorite music group/genre: I listen to all kinds of things...
Hobbies/Interests: martial arts, theology, history..
What have you been up to these past few years? work and school pretty much.. trying to figure out what to do with my life... all in all I think i've found a good path for me.. now if i could only find that damn EMT card.... :(
Website(s): I haven't done anything with it for so long I don't remember what it is :(
Anything else? good to see everyone again!!!
16th-Nov-2005 04:45 pm - Anyone?
Polar Bear
Echo! Echo! Hmm... wasn't Echo a video game way back in the day? Oh yeah. It was. A dolphin. I remember now. I never played that game. I just remember it. Speaking of video games, did you all know there's a Futurama video game? They make video games about everything, don't they?

Okay. I'm just really bored at the moment. Well, not bored in the sense I have nothing to do. I have lots to do. I have a big essay due tomorrow. It's worth a lot of points. I'm just putting off finishing it... that, and I keep getting side-tracked. Could it be that I have ADD? Eh. If I do, I do. Hmm... 11 minutes until supper time.

Oh yeah- back to my original point. Is anyone here? Is there life in (New) Alternaland?

6th-Nov-2005 07:32 am - Amish grocery story discriminates?
Polar Bear
Irene Garrett left the Amish community by way of excommunication. Because of this status, other Amish folk don't really want to do anything with her--- including have her as a customer of a grocery store. The owner/s refused service to her. Apparently, they did so in an embarassing fashion. There's now a case pending to determine if it's discrimination or religious freedom. Discrimination because Irene Garrett was refused service (at a grocery/thrift store)... but the Amish have very strict rules about not dealing with those who have been excommunicated.

Auburn Pub
AP Wire at Kentucky.com

(crossposted- alternaland and aberwak)
6th-Nov-2005 07:16 am - FPOTD
I really have nothing to say at the moment. I'm taking a break from my homework (*twitch*), so I thought I'd waste some cyberspace. That's always fun, right?

-Lavalamp (LL)
4th-Nov-2005 10:44 am - Invasion
Polar Bear
I don't know how much longer I can keep posting here. I'm afraid infestation might occur. "Cute" and "happy" cartoonish greeting cards will infest my home. Scientists believe they originate from the Ohio region. It's unclear how many there are or when they arive. I just have to prepare myself and be strong. If I look in the mail and see more mermaid stamps, I'll know that infestation has begun... and then I'll run far, far away... or just reqeust a new mailing address. Don't worry, there is hope. Even though one already came, I don't expect to see any more for another few months. They seem slow to arrive... but could easily get lost or damaged while moving across the country, as if some careless force is out to get them.
3rd-Nov-2005 12:21 pm(no subject)
Walt Disney's Alice's Wonderland - silen
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